Sunday, September 17, 2006

A Taste of Celebrity...and Pizza

I'm still decompressing a bit after a great conference and 14 hours of transit from London to San Jose, but blogs are starting to trickle in about RailsConf. Here's a particularly notable entry.

I'm still not entirely sure why he wanted a picture of me with his (girl)friend. Maybe it's a German thing?

I promise I'll get around to blogging more tomorrow. Time to de-lag and get some sleep before I'm pummeled with questions from Sun language and VM experts on Monday.


Jan said...

Here's a translation of the Charles-Part of this blog:

We met Charles Nutter, one of the Lead Developers of JRuby. We've talked about a lot of topics, especially one that is giving us headaches in a current project of ours:

We'd like to give members of our faculty the possibility to create simple rules to annotate guis themselfs. We've got two problems with this: First, we've got a performance problem, while calling jruby in parallel. Since we've got no concrete example because of my lack of detailed knowledge of the problem we weren't able to discuss this problem. Got to do our homework on this! It wasn't possible to advance directly on this problem. But Charles isn't aware of the phenomenon itself, so there is hope ;)

Further we'd like to secure our app. It shouldn't fail because of other programming logic of the faculty. Especially our app should be secured agains endless loops. I thought why's sandbox won't be of help, because I thought that it won't run under jruby. I've assumed problems because a thread needs to call 'kill' to stop freakin' out code. To my surprise Charles said, that this won't be a problem from a jruby point of view. Of course, without further investigation this doesn't mean that the sandbox would run under jruby. As an alternative he said that we might have a look in timeout.rb. There ruby is handling timeouts, eg. for I/0. To secure the environment he suggested to think about, chucking out all methods that are not part of our DSL with 'undef'. I think we should have a closer look to that suggestion. Presumably we only need to kick out the methods of kernel and modules.

Charles is a interesting folk, he's argueing objective and talking open about the room of improvement for jruby.

It has been houroughly pleasing and constructive to speak to Charles.


Hopefully I've got most things right, Cheers, Jan Prill

Mariano said...

Hey Charles,

really enjoyed the conversation.

To be honest, I was a bit ashamed to ask about a picture and it seemed to be the least obstrusive thing to ask for and be quickly over with ;-)

Well, as you can see I got better during the night. Probably because of the beer.

Btw. Rebecca is my friend. The girl in the upper right corner of my blog is my girl friend ;-)