Sunday, September 17, 2006

Conference Updates

Ok, so this post is as much for me as for you (so I have a post to refer back to) but some of you may be interested to know what conferences I'll be at. Things have gotten a bit busier since the Sun announcement.

BarCamp Milwaukee
- September 30 - October 1, Milwaukee WI

I may make the trip down to Milwaukee for their upcoming BarCamp. Hopefully others from the cities will be willing to make the trip with me (and drive :), or I probably won't go.

RubyConf 2006 - October 20-22, Denver CO

Not presenting, but I'll be there and will probably try to organize a lightning session or something.

Gateway JUG - November 7, St Louis MO

The Gateway JUG has offered to fly me in for a JRuby-fest at their November 7 meeting. It ought to be a good sharing of ideas and meeting of the minds. Try visiting the Gateway JUG website if you might be interested in showing up for the meeting.

TC Code Camp - November 11, Bloomington MN

I'll be presenting JRuby and JRuby-related topics to coders at Microsoft's Bloomington campus.

JavaPolis 2006 - December 11-15, Antwerp, Belgium

Tom and I are officially on the schedule to present JRuby (on Rails, perhaps) at JavaPolis 2006. We'll follow that up with our Great Belgian Beer Tour, sampling brews in the Belgian backcountry. What could be better than that?

A Taste of Celebrity...and Pizza

I'm still decompressing a bit after a great conference and 14 hours of transit from London to San Jose, but blogs are starting to trickle in about RailsConf. Here's a particularly notable entry.

I'm still not entirely sure why he wanted a picture of me with his (girl)friend. Maybe it's a German thing?

I promise I'll get around to blogging more tomorrow. Time to de-lag and get some sleep before I'm pummeled with questions from Sun language and VM experts on Monday.