Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Tech Days Talk a Success

I just completed my talk at Tech Days Hyderabad, and I think it was resounding success. If I heard right, the total head count for my "JRuby Essentials" talk was over 1200 people, by far the largest crowd I've presented for. There was a hoard of questioners immediately after the talk, who followed me into the hall to keep asking. I gave out my entire in-pocket batch of business cards, and even received a round of applause after the JRuby on Rails demo. All this even after my talk was delayed and cut to 40 minutes because the earlier talks ran too long. It was a sprint, but I think it went very well.

I will be posting the slides, but they're basically the same content many of you have probably seen the past couple months. For those who haven't had the pleasure, we'll start posting slides more regularly, and I'll try to blog a few example walkthroughs for those of you who want to duplicate them for your own talks. Feel free to steal it all and spread the word.


Anumodh said...

Yeah !! i agree , i am one among the audience out there .. really impressed with ruby especially jruby.. i have been following python and jython very seriously .. but one more new scripting :)

Srinivas said...


I was one among the crowd there at Hyderabad International Convention Center (HICC). It was an impressive demo and taken the audience spell bound. I will definitely follow JRuby from now on.I need the powerpoint presentation you have used in your presentation so that i can do a presentation to my fellow developers at office. It would be greate if you can make it available online or mail it to me at

You impression about hyderabad is very honest and quite interesting. I would have volunteered to take you out on my bike. Hopefully on your next visit you will see these constructions completed and witness a transformation (as a number of projects are coming up.. a new international airport with world class standards...more). You will see a completely transformed Hyderabad.
(Don't worry the kind of hyderabad you want to explore would still be there and probably i will get a chance to host a Nutter's day out!!).
BTW did you get a chance to jump on to one of those bees. :-)

Lavnish said...

even i attended the same ...
and truly was gr8
thankfully .. i read an intro one day b4 for jruby ...
that made things more interesting for me

Anonymous said...

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