Friday, March 30, 2007

Can Your Ruby Do This?

# scripting.rb

include Scriptable

x = 'Hello'
y = 'world'

groovy <<G
def z = 'multilanguage'
println("${x}, ${z} ${y}")

javascript <<JS
z = 'multilanguage'
println(x + ', ' + z + ' ' + y)

# both => "Hello, multilanguage world!"


Anonymous said...

Cool! Do values go the other way, too? (e.g. JS to JRuby) And what types are supported?

Charles Oliver Nutter said...

The values only go one way, a bit like variables declared in a block are only visible within that block. So you could think of these script sections as being a call to a groovy block or a javascript block.

I think it could be possible to have the results come back out into the *same* variables though...hmmm.

Daniel Spiewak said...

I assume this is using the Java 6 scripting API?

Nick Sieger said...

Yep, see the code here.

Andres Almiray said...

Really nice. But if it could go both ways it would be awesome.

paulk said...

You can improve the Groovy example with:
println "$x, $y $z"

Davi Pires said...

now this is really really amazing!

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