Monday, November 19, 2007

The First Ruby Mailing List Translator

In response to my post about the Ruby community needing an autotranslator for the key mailing lists, due to the language barrier between English-speaking and Japanese-speaking folks, I received quite a bit of interest, and a few people are looking into automatic solutions, manual solutions, and various solutions in between. But I believe we have a first attempt to meet the challenge.

Jason Toy has set up a mailing list translator site for the Ruby community. It provides autotranslated text of many Ruby mailing lists (both directions, and far more than I expected anyone to tackle), and even better it provides the original text and invites bilingual Rubyists to submit better translations for individual posts.

Jason commented on the previous post, saying his site still needs some work, but it's definitely on the right track. The obvious missing feature is a way to subscribe to the translated lists, either via feeds or mailing lists. Anyone feel like lending a hand can contact Jason at (I think) Anyone feeling like doing this one better, maybe by setting up an army of human translators to proxy information across the divide, don't let this stop you :)


Lyle said...

The links on the page are broken; they're absolute links instead of relative links. I've sent an email to

Unknown said...

Hi Charles, I will be adding rss in the next day or so, I'm not sure if mailing lists would still be needed if there is rss. I'm also in talks with some people in Japan about using a much more advanced translation system, so we'll how that works out. Currently both Babelfish and google are both being used to do the translations. Also you guys can reach me at jtoy (at) .

Anonymous said...

This is a good tool for translation as not all can understand Japanese language and vice versa. This tool is useful for both parties