Thursday, November 22, 2007

JRuby on ME Devices?

Roy Hayun presented his "JRuby on ME" talk this past JavaOne and got a pretty solid response. He ported a pre-1.0 JRuby to CDC by incrementally stripping out libraries and functionality that couldn't be supported. He succeeded, and yesterday delivered to us a buildable version of his JRubME 0.1 (that name was a typo on his original JavaOne submission...but the missing 'y' produced a comically good name).

In the JRuby download "research" area, you can find the results of his work plus some docs and a short presentation on JRubyME. As near as I can tell he based it on JRuby 0.9.8. The same work could probably be done to produce a stripped version of current JRuby, and with a bit more work we could probably tweak and reconfigure the source to support ME execution as a normal build target. Both are exercises for you all until there's more time (or Ruby on ME becomes a primary goal rather than performance and compatibility on SE :) )

There you go! You wanted JRuby on ME, now you have a damn good start! Run with it!


Senthil said...


I am a ruby expert,but a j2me newbie.

any set of instructions for getting some gui app working on my j2me mobile.

thanks in advance

Anonymous said...

You could create some Java method that adds UI components and call this method from your Ruby script.

As an example, the \resources\Main0.rb does the same with the RubyXlet.displayMessage() static function (with no UI though)