Sunday, May 18, 2008

"Ask the Experts" Session: NetBeans 6 Ruby Support

Sun is running an "Ask the Experts" session on Ruby/JRuby support in NetBeans 6(.1) with myself, Tor Norbye, and Brian Leonard. If you've had questions about NetBeans Ruby support you'd like answered, but haven't had a chance to's your opportunity.

The main page is here: Ask the Experts

Fire away! You have all this week to get your questions in.

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Raphaël Valyi said...

Hi Charlie,

well, sorry about that one, but I'll actually present JRuby on Rails dev in the company I'm working in ( ) on May 19th (and also next week). The very bad thing is that I'm one of the poor lucky one having Netbeans editor using to loose its focus nearly every minute:

Still, I think that bug is actually related to that other one (see comments):
and I even think using last JDK 1.5 instead with Netbeans fixes the bug!

May be you can drop a word about that to the right Netbeans guys (or Swing guys, any left? :-) ) so they stop shooting themselves in the feet with that kind of regression? So if the have a path to test I would be happy to test it for them if they are in trouble to reproduce the bug on their PC.

Best regards and thank you for your work on JRuby.

Raphaël Valyi.